The routing number (a.k.a. RTN or routing transit number) is a 9-digit number that serves to identify the specific financial institution responsible for the payment of a negotiable instrument.
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Get routing numbers for all banks and financial institutions in US.
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Bank of America Bank of The West BMO Harris Bank,N.A. Branch Banking And Trust Co. Capital One, N.A.
Citizens Bank Citizens National Bank Citizens State Bank City National Bank Community Bank
Compass Bank Farmers & Merchants Bank Farmers State Bank Fifth Third Bank First Bank
First Community Bank First National Bank First National Bank Of Pennsylvania First State Bank Firstbank
Huntington National Bank Iberiabank International Bank Of Commerce JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA Key Bank National Association
M & T Bank Pacific Western Bank Peoples Bank Peoples State Bank PNC Bank, NA
Prosperity Bank RBC Centura Bank RBS Citizens, National Association Regions Bank Renasant Bank
Security State Bank Sovereign Bank TD Bank NA Umpqua Bank United Bank
US Bank Valley National Bank Wachovia Bank N.A. Wells Fargo Bank

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Recently Changed Routing Numbers

Bank NameRouting NumberAddressCityStateZipcodeChange Date
Total 18930 routing number records available. Data updated on Jan 05 2017 15:20:01 Mountain Standard Time.

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